Canterbury mobile classroom


Life Education began in Christchurch in 1988 in a static classroom. Today we support 3 mobile classrooms and 3 Educators.

Life Education is an interactive educational programme linked to the National School Health Curriculum and presented in hi-tech mobile classrooms which provide a unique learning environment with audio-visual materials, interactive models (including a talking brain) and Harold, the Giraffe (chosen as our mascot because he stands tall, and this is what we want our children to do).

In 2015 we visited 21,431 children from 83 schools in Canterbury.


Our sponsors and supporters

A huge thank you to our local sponsors and supporters without whose generosity and support we would be unable to bring Harold and his life lessons to the children of Canterbury.

  • Rata Foundation
  • Southern Trust
  • Farina Thompson Charitable Trust
  • Lion Foundation
  • Jones Foundation
  • Mainland Foundation
  • Selwyn District Council
  • Waimakiriri District Council
  • E B Millton Charitable Trust
  • N Z Express
  • Dark Family
  • Pub Charity Limited
  • Lottery Grants Board
  • E.B Milton Charitable Trust
  • Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Trust (CERT)
  • Four Winds Foundation
  • Christchurch Casinos Charitable Trust

Contact details

General enquiries:   
Fundraising Manager: Meri Wynen, 
Chairperson: Andrew Brady, 
Educator: Amanda Thompson, 027 231 6981,
Educator: Claire Leach,
Educator: Suzanne Wood, 021 126 1610, 

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