The Life Education Trust Hamilton has been successfully delivering the Life Education programme to children throughout the area.

In 2018 the Trust reached over 5,471 children in 17 schools.

We're continuing to grow and expand our reach and we now have two educators teaching from two mobile classrooms across the greater Hamilton area

The hard working Trustees continue to raise much needed funds to keep the mobile classrooms running.


Contact details

For general enquiries contact:

Rose hamilton@lifeedtrust.org.nz  or PO Box 1416 Hamilton 3240

Chairperson: Melanie Rouse, 07 834 0980, melanie.rouse@harcourts.co.nz  
Educator: Belinda Kane, 027 458 1922, hamilton@lifeed.org.nz
Educator: Anna Carr, 027 579 3993, hamiltoncentral@lifeed.org.nz