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Research shows growing need for vaping education

Findings from the Youth 19 vaping survey show 10% of young people aged 13-18 are regular vapers. Half of these rangatahi had not smoked before vaping. More here.

Have young people been the pawn in delivering Smoke Free 2025?

One could say it’s been a short time coming … that is the legislation to protect young people from the addictive properties of vaping. A mere three years, and yet in that time I’ve had ongoing discussions with principals and teachers about the number of young people who would never have smoked and now vape. More here.

Food for thought with Nikki Hart

Well-known New Zealand-registered nutritionist Nikki Hart recently donated her time to share the latest nutrition guidelines with  Life Education Trust’s health teachers, debunking some food myths  so they could shape their classes accordingly. More here.

Life Education Trust delivers workshop to support local teachers to navigate anxiety in young people

Life Education Trust monthly outcomes report continues to identify anxiety as a major concern for young people in schools. According to the reports 89% of school leaders see anxiety as an issue for school children with 40% reporting it is a significant issue. More here.

View the Stuff article here.

Chinese language week is a powerful learning opportunity

Why should Kiwi’s embrace Chinese Language Week? Life Education Trust's Programme and Development Manager, Jo Mortimer, explains the benefits for our tamariki are vast. New languages help children build empathy, boost their brains, and strengthen identity. More here.

Keeping tamariki safe and empowering decisions

In an ever changing world, its important tamariki feel safe, especially when they are making choices and decisions. One of the roles of Healthy Harold and Educators at Life Education Trust is to ensure students have an understanding of identity and resilience, relationships and communities, and how these can impact on the choices and decisions they make. More here.

PMG Funds is supporting SMART$ because its impact on the future is critical

PMG Charitable Trust supports Life Education’s SMART$ programme because it is gaining vital momentum in schools nationwide, providing basic and essential, money management skills. More here.

The magic of mindset from David Downs

It's normal to feel your stomach drop when someone says they're going to talk about their experience with cancer. But it was more a matter of clutching your stomach in laughter when David Downs shared his journey with the Life Education team. More here.

How are you seeing anxiety show up among our young people?

How are you seeing anxiety show up among our young people? Most days I hear it’s on the rise among today’s students. It’s concerning us as health educators, and as parents. The drivers are complex and the consequences are significant. More here.

Support from Baker Tilly Staples Rodway counts 

Life Education Trust is delighted to have the support of Baker Tilly Staples Rodway, a network of Accounting and Advisory Firms providing core business advice services to Kiwi businesses across New Zealand. They became a national sponsor in April 2020. Since then, they’ve brightened things up with a Downlights pop up store, and stepped up to tango with Trusts Dancing. More here. 

Supporting financial literacy at home

Financial decisions have a significant impact on health and wellbeing, and young people need the knowledge and skills to make positive financial choices.

It’s money week. Parents and caregivers provide for young people their primary source of learning about money, so use this week to make a positive change. More here.

Unpacking Anxiety at School - Teachers PD Workshop

Teachers play an important role in supporting students with anxiety but many teachers want to better understand anxiety in order to feel equipped to help their students feel safe and comfortable.

To support tamariki and teachers Life Education Trust are holding a series of free PD workshops for primary and intermediate school teachers across the country. More here.

Anxiety the biggest issue in New Zealand schools, survey finds

Our Research NZ survey of 2500 primary intermediate schools principals, deputies and teachers found anxiety was the biggest issue in New Zealand schools, with 90 per cent saying it was a concern, up from 86 per cent in 2020. Read the article from Lee Kenny, Education Reporter, Stuff. More here.

Navigating the digital landscape

Today we often hear children being referred to as ‘digital natives’. Many of them were born into a world where a click or a swipe on a tablet or phone, is as common as breakfast, lunch and dinner. But how do we continue to ensure children are growing up with a healthy dose of online each day? Anjela Webster is the founder of Generation Online, recently shared some insights to help young people navigate the online environment. More here.

What can we learn from the neuroscience of resilience?

The pace and unpredictability of our world mean resilience is more important than ever. Yet, as parents and teachers, we’re seeing more kids struggle with emotion and increasingly disruptive behaviour in classrooms. We invited neuroscientist Kathryn Berkett to share her insights. More here.

Volunteers make all the difference at Life Education

From starry ceilings, and Christmas parades to truly transformative experiences, our volunteers collect incredible memories with Life Education. But they give even more. Volunteers donate more than 23,000 hours each year to support our work. We’re grateful to our volunteer Trustees and here we highlight the stories of three. More here.

Support Life Ed through Z Energy's Good in the Hood campaign

In June Z Energy are giving away $700,000 to 10 charities across Aotearoa. Help Life Education receive a share of the funds by voting for us at your local station. More here.

Happening with Harold

Find out the latest from Life Education in our April Happening with Harold newsletter... More here.

Eleven-day cycle voyage raises funds to support Life Education

On 13 March a team of 25 cyclists and their support crew started their journey from Marlborough Sounds to Milford Sound, pedalling close to 1400 km to raise funds for Life Education Trust.

Joes Garage Charity Cycle Riders - from Taranaki, are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to riding to support the health and wellbeing of kiwi kids. More here.

Partnering to support children as mental health statistics decline

Life Education Trust NZ and Anxiety NZ have come together to support young people’s mental health and wellbeing to thrive. Launching new initiative Healthy Minds, they aim to empower young people to grow their hauora and meet challenges with resilience. More here.

Collaborating to increase financial literacy

Through our collaboration with Banqer, we've launched a new initiative to further support financial literacy post our SMART$ Education-in-Theatre performances. More here.

Anxiety and mental health issues rife among young people

School leaders are reporting anxiety is the single biggest issue effecting children today. More here.

Supporting schools to bounce back

The exposure to emotional stress during lockdown may have put a strain on the mental health and wellbeing of many families. Now it is more important than ever to strengthen students’ resilience and their understanding of ways to achieve good mental health. More here.