North Shore


The North Shore Life Education Trust is one of the 33 community trusts around New Zealand, running 44 mobile classrooms between them. The trust is run by a group of dedicated, unpaid volunteers: our educators are paid professionals, but all other activities to deliver this unique program are undertaken by volunteers. The Trust is supported financially by local businesses and community organisations. A special mention should go to the local trucking companies for making sure our mobile classrooms are transported from school to school on the North Shore.

For over 27 years we have been providing health education to kiwi kids. In 2015, we reached over 15,900 children in 40 schools.

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Contact details

Chairperson: Stuart Farquharson,
Educator: Corinne Kirkham, 027 579 2717,
Educator: Jenni Gilbertson, 027 479 2717,
Educator: Charlie Pollard, 027 379 2717,
Postal address: Life Education Trust North Shore, PO Box 100 079, Auckland 0745