PMG Funds is supporting SMART$ because its impact on the future is crucial


As one of New Zealand’s largest and most trusted property funds managers PMG Funds helps New Zealanders create financial freedom through easy and affordable investment in NZ commercial property. PMG has set up the PMG Charitable Trust to help young New Zealanders improve their financial literacy, so they too can build better financial futures for themselves and their families.  

Research shows New Zealanders have a low level of financial literacy. Only 8 percent of schools make financial education compulsory compared to 38% in other OECD nations. We are failing our next generation. With global and household debt at historically high levels, our children and grandchildren will be asked to pay this back, but will they have the knowledge and skills to do so?  


PMG Charitable Trust supports Life Education’s SMART$ programme because it is gaining vital momentum in schools nationwide. Importantly, the programme provides interactive and highly engaging financial education to Year 10 students. This is the age when young Kiwis can legally get their first paid employment. They need basic, and essential, money management skills at this age.

From the beginning of the partnership, PMG has found Life Education Trust to be results-driven. Life Education Trust continually designs and tweaks the delivery of the SMART$ programme to be relevant and interesting to Year 10 students. The Trusts network of committed volunteers, leaders and history have proven time and time again they are changing the lives of young New Zealanders for the better.


Financial wellbeing influences mental and physical health – for both the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.  It can have a lifelong impact on our lives. Life Education and its SMART$ programme is helping the PMG Charitable Trust achieve its mission to create real and positive societal change by building better financial futures for our next generation.