Mid and South Canterbury


Life Education Trust Mid and South Canterbury covers the Mid-South Canterbury area, from Rakaia in the North to the Waitaki River in the South and from the sea in the East to Mt Hutt, Mt Somers, Mt Cook and Twizel in the West.

We have been operating since 1991 and have just celebrated 20 years teaching children about the wonders of their bodies and which substances are needed and not needed to live a healthy lifestyle.  The Mid and South Canterbury Trust was launched with the support of the Trust Bank and the Community Trusts.

The Mid and South Canterbury mobile classroom travels to 67 schools in the area and the educators see over 8,000 primary school aged children a year. We have 18 schools with less than 50 children; 31 rural schools and 36 urban schools.

The state-of-the-art mobile classroom is air-conditioned and heated and is equipped with electronic aids which make learning a very exciting experience.  We have two qualified Educators who share the workload. They are continually delivering at the top of the all the New Zealand Trusts and are visiting 98% of the schools in our area.

Life Education Trust Mid and South Canterbury has a very strong Harold Club, whose members are from a wide range of local businesses and community organisations. The Harold Club creates an ongoing income which helps fund the annual running costs of the trust. We run a Harold Club function three times a year in both Timaru and Ashburton. Mid-year there is the Harold Club Annual Dinner, held alternatively between Timaru and Ashburton, where guest speakers are invited along to entertain the members. Our Harold Club raises a good portion of our funds needed to run our mobile classroom.

The classroom and tractor unit is well recognised in the area with the tractor unit being sponsored by local trucking companies, who also donate the time and personnel to shift the classroom from school to school.  The tractor unit has been donated to the Mid-South Canterbury Trust and stays with the classroom.

Our people

We have a very strong 10-Member Trust, with members coming from different walks of life. We have retired and practicing school teachers, trucking company personnel, bank staff, rural women, professional leaders and other interested parties. The Trust has three employees two Educators who job share delivering the Life Education message and a part-time Administration Officer who works out of Community House in Timaru.

  • Roger Scammell, Chairperson
  • Jeff Paul, Vice Chairperson & Treasurer
  • Clare Bruce, Secretary
  • Annette Bray, Trustee
  • Betty Weavers, Trustee
  • Marion Dent, Trustee
  • Moyra Whiting, Trustee
  • Murray Page, Trustee
  • Nyia Strachan, Trustee
  • Rex Whiting, Trustee

Our Educators



Jane Hooper

Jane is married, with three older children and one grandchild. She has been a teacher for the past 43 years, trained at Dunedin Teachers’ College and has taught at all levels of  primary school. For the last 16 years Jane  has  been an Educator for The Mid and South Canterbury Life Education Trust. This is a job–share position, where she works with Rudi Keggenhoff.

Jane believes this is an amazing occupation, which is quite unique. She likes that she gets to travel roads often not normally travelled, and see a variety of schools, so the days are never the same. "The  students are excited to be in the mobile classroom and the focus is varied and topical, especially in the present climate. The other Educators are also vibrant and stimulating, which inspires the learning and sharing of ideas. It is a positive environment."


Rudi Keggenhoff

Rudi is from Germany and studied in Germany to get his teaching degrees (one for teaching Y 5- 10 and another one for teaching Y 11 -13) in Geography and Sports. Rudi also has a Master’s degree in Sports. He worked in Germany for a couple of years as a teacher and then moved to the USA (where he was mainly a stay at home dad for his two sons) for about four years, before moving to NZ in 2003. Rudi did a postgraduate study with the University of Wellington and got his Primary School teaching diploma. After teaching further in schools, he started with Life Ed in 2015. 

"I love the philosophy of Life Ed and the message that Harold is standing for and shares. Having studied sports (which involves the human body and looking after our bodies, like eating healthy, doing exercise, looking after our wellbeing, etc.) I can easily relate to Life Ed’s teaching and programme. Furthermore, I love to visit schools and see the excitement, energy and motivation of the students when they come into Harold’s classroom. A lot of the time I also learn from the students either by them asking deep questions or inquiring more about the topic which in return makes me think, or just through their answers and sharing of experiences they encounter."

Contact details

Chairperson: Roger Scammell, 03 308 3861, rog@orcon.net.nz
Educator: Jane Hooper, 027 292 4324, midsthcanterbury@lifeed.org.nz
Educator: Rudi Keggenhoff, 027 433 2652, midsthcanterbury@lifeed.org.nz
Administrator: Helen Beveridge, 03 687 7369, haroldlifeed@orcon.net.nz