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Since 1991 Life Education Trust North Wellington has been successfully delivering the Life Education programme to many children throughout this local area. Our area covers schools from Johnsonville up to Pukerua Bay.

Our Educator, Marsha and Harold, in the mobile classroom, visit over 30 local schools educating more than 6,000 students each year.

Celebrating 25 years!

In November 2018, North Wellington Trustees, educators, friends, family, Harold Club members, Rotary club members, Life Education Trust NZ (LETNZ) and of course Harold all gathered for a wonderful evening of celebration at Rutherford & Bond Toyota in Porirua. All attendees were in great spirits to commemorate twenty five years of Life Education in the North Wellington region.

Thank you to all those who have made this incredible journey of Life Education possible and continue to support the Trust. We look forward to many, many more years ahead of learning with Harold about healthy eating, being a good friend, good and bad substances and how the body works. 

Trustees at 25 Year celebration in 2018

Build for Life Education

National Office and North Wellington Trust are working with some fantastic local suppliers on an exciting new fundraising project - building a house in Newlands, Wellington! The profit from the sale of the house will support the work of the Life Education Trust in North Wellington. See more on Build for Life Ed.


Life Education Trust, North Wellington sincerely acknowledges the generous financial support from all of our valued Harold Club members. Without their continued support, that of several charitable funding organisations and three Rotary Clubs, our Trust could not achieve its current reach in delivering this educational, holistic programme to students across the region.

 If you would like to find out how you can help CLICK HERE.

Meet our Educator, Marsha!

North Wellington Trust welcomed Marsha Chiet as the educator for the region in January 2019.

Marsha is an active member of the North Wellington community where she resides with her husband and three school aged children. She volunteers her time at local events and coaches football and cricket teams in the region. Marsha comes with extensive international experience in the education sector, primarily in the area of physical health education. She is so excited to work with the schools across the region and support participants in recognising and identifying how unique and special they are, understanding the magnificence of the human body, how it functions and what its needs are and acknowledging the need to support and respect each other. Marsha aims to be accessible, relevant and topical.


Trustees, Life Education Trust North Wellington:

Contact - ph 021 658131

Chair: Allan Nichols

Educator: Marsha Chiet

Deputy Chair: Gaylene Hill

Treasurer: Aruna Hill

Aditi Arora

Bob Austin

Bob (Robert) Shennan

Joslyn Tjeerd

Laura Sommer

Murray Dahm

Ross Garner