Since 2009, Life Education Rodney has successfully delivered the Life Education programme from Waimauku to Orewa and Mangawhai.

Our Life Education Rodney Educator reaches approximately 6,000 children from Year 1 to 8 throughout the largely rural and small-town region.

There are 37 schools included in the programme and the Life Education truck takes Harold the Giraffe and our Educator to each school annually or bi-annually.

There is always a waiting list for Life Education to visit Rodney primary and intermediate schools. Some schools are tiny and the mobile classroom is there for one day, whereas other schools host Life Education for more than three weeks.

As a health resource, Life Education takes children on a journey through five subject strands; identity and resilience, relationships and communities, human biology, food and nutrition, and substances.

Exploring these strands helps them understand the wonder of their own brain and bodies, and how best to take care of their health and wellbeing.

Life Education has a proud history in the Rodney community and our programmes are respected in the education sector.

The Life Education truck is optional for schools and the programme is tailored to meet the needs of the children and teachers at each school. 

Our Educator

We started 2021 with a bright and talented new Educator, Cindy Barrett.

Her experience as a primary school teacher is perfect for inspiring Rodney tamariki and she is loving getting to know Harold.


Contact details

Educator: Cindy Barrett, 020 4091 1576,
Postal address: PO Box 326, Silverdale 0944


News and events

Harold Does Resilience

Lockdown, the health and wellbeing threats of Covid-19, record prices for roofs over our heads, low interest loans seemingly ever fewer people can access - these are challenging times.

Life Education Trust Rodney, the organisation that brings Healthy Harold to schools across the wider Rodney region, presents a two-hour event to give families skills and thoughts on how to face these times.

Harold’s goal is to help the big people build their resilience in troubled times.

“We deliver resilience to school children region wide, and as adults we recognise that we all need skills relevant to our challenges,” says Life Education Trust Rodney chair John Davies.

“For our children challenges revolve around school level bullying, their self-esteem, and other hurdles all too common at their ages. For adults we are facing different challenges that sometimes feel overwhelming as we try to manage a course through the choppy waters life insists on putting us in.”

 At 7pm on Tuesday 13 April Life Education presents three amazing speakers to get families thinking around these big issues and finding hopeful solutions.

For just $20 per adult with a maximum investment of $40 per family* we will help our community grapple with the questions.

The night kicks off with Cameron Bagrie, managing director of Bagrie Economics. You may have heard him on the radio commenting on the economy.

Previously, he was chief economist of ANZ for 11 years, has also worked at the New Zealand Treasury advising various ministers and is renowned for being a straight shooter.

He sits on the national board of Life Education.

Running straight after Cameron is Christine Liggins, who has a passion for resolving money issues and personal debt difficulties.

She is a tutor and holds educational seminars and has written various financial literacy programmes. 

Her work life is all about helping as many people as possible to manage their money, take control of their debts, and most of all put them in control of their money.

To end the evening, we will turn to 22-year police veteran, Lance Burdett.

He trained in New Zealand, Australia, England and the US, operating with the elite units of police, prisons, emergency services, the military, and the FBI.

He has a Master of Arts majoring in Terrorism, Safety & Security, a Diploma in Policing, a Diploma in Business Studies, and is completing a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Lance provides keynote presentations and coaching workshops as well as making regular media appearances talking mostly about resilience.

All three presenters are giving their time to help our audience and ensure that all the proceeds are invested in Life Education Trust in Rodney.

Lance and Christine have very personal reasons for that - being local residents.

Cameron, as a trustee of Life Education nationally, has a huge commitment to the work the 32 local trusts do to help grow the best and most resilient future citizens we can possibly create.

Tickets to attend the event at Orewa Community Centre, 40-46 Orewa Square will be available at Eventfinda.

It will be a fun and educational evening, and there will be plenty of chances for family photos with Harold.

*To make the evening as accessible as possible, a family is two parents and their children - in this way our parent teams are not meeting the extra cost of babysitters. It is a family night out.

Buy tickets or find out more about this event here.

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Contact details

Chairperson: John Davies,

Educator: Cindy Barrett, 020 4091 1576,

General enquiries:

Postal address: PO Box 326, Silverdale 0944

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Funding and support

Life Education Rodney Trust relies mostly on fundraising activities and grants to deliver the programme in the Rodney region.

We have several supporters who are instrumental in our service delivery.

Thanks to wonderful supporters of Life Education Rodney.