Wellington City


Life Education Trust Wellington City has been successfully delivering the Life Education programme to many children throughout this local area.

In 2018 the Trust visited over 4,750 children in 22 schools. The hard working Trustees continue to raise much needed funds to keep the mobile classroom running.


Our People

Chairperson: Todrick Taylor

Educator: Rachel McKinnon


  • Ben Sutherland
  • Helen Pinson
  • Michelle Dow
  • Jessica Davidson
  • Lauren Taylor
  • Sarah Churstain


Contact Details

Chairperson: Todrick Taylor, wellingtoncity@lifeedtrust.org.nz

Educator: Rachel McKinnon, wellingtoncity@lifeed.org.nz, 021 658 235

General Enquiries: Lauren Taylor, wellingtoncity@lifeedtrust.org.nz